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An Age Unending

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 26-29 players, Male characters: 8-9, Female characters: 8, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 10-12


✏️Anandi Gandolfi
✏️Derek Herrera
✏️Andy Kirschbaum


A Rococopunk LARP!

In the farthest future the universe is dying and there are no new frontiers. There is nothing left to discover, nothing left unknown, no needs that were not met long ago ... no desire that cannot be satisfied. The birthright of every being is the ultimate excess of luxury. Every whim is satisfied in the moment it is conceived. The omniversal thought engines create anything and everything that could possibly be desired, or even imagined, by the jaded immortals that remain. Sometimes even before they have realized they desire it.

The Age Unending is a golden age of pleasure, decadence, and power. The only goal remaining is staving off boredom, ennui, and loss of purpose. To that end, the immortal and the ageless gather every few centuries to watch the great events of past millennia.

They view the battles, the sporting events, and the entertainments of the ancient past. They gamble on those ancient outcomes, and in that find some brief distraction from eternity.

Sometimes they even draw the participants themselves forward to make the entertainment more … visceral. Competition for the best and most diverting find is keen and it is the only form of prestige left to win. Of course there is nothing left to view that hasn’t been viewed countless thousands of times. But still, it is the mode, and one must do what one must do … even in The Age Unending.

And maybe this time, maybe ... just maybe, something interesting will happen.

Players on the wait list will be invited to join the game with very limited plot if they so choose.

This LARP will contain adult themes, concepts, language, and situations. If you think this game might not be for you, you are probably correct. Absolutely not appropriate for players under the age of 18.

Played at

Intercon P (2016)

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