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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 28-30 players, Male characters: 10, Female characters: 10, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 8-10


✏️Elisabeth Cohen
✏️Betsy Isaacson


It’s June of 1493 at the Spanish royal court, and the world is changing beneath your feet. For the first time in history, Spain is a unified Christian country--this is a triumph for some and a tragedy for others. Christopher Columbus has just returned from a long voyage to report that he has discovered a route across the Atlantic Ocean to islands off the coast of India; the opportunities presented by such a route defy the imagination, but the risks are also tremendous, and some are whispering that Columbus cannot be trusted. Now, the fatal illnesses of Queen Isabella of Spain and her only son threaten to plunge Spain into a civil war--and on their northern border, France is on the hunt for weaker countries to conquer. For centuries, Europe has looked to the Catholic church and its leader, the pope, for leadership in troubled times, but the current pope is deeply unpopular, and religious reform is in the wind.

You will be at the Spanish court this summer alongside people from all over Europe: soldiers and sailors, princes and priests, noblewomen who are eager to get married and others who are desperate to get divorced.. The choices you make while you’re there--and the relationships you build and break with one another--will determine the course of history. Changes are coming, that’s certain, but will they bring the beginning of a new world, or an end to all you hold dear?

Standard secrets and powers game; suitable for ages 12 and above. Originally written as a game for sixth grade students, so not really full of grimdark.

Played at

Intercon P (2016)

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