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Shadow Over Mars

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 16 players, Male characters: 5, Female characters: 5, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 6

Organized by

Fête Fatale Productions


✏️Rex Balboa
✏️Doug Freedman
✏️Gail Freedman
✏️Dianna Glewwe
✏️Andrew Larsen
✏️James Silverstein
✏️Michael Tomzcak


Curse this damnable heat! Whatever possessed you to leave that comfortable barstool back in Karkarham? Sure, you owe Captain Jeffries a string of favours longer than your arm from the old days, but that was a lot of years and rum ago. Time changes people, and you don't like the look of this lot 'es flyin' with now. Cap has a new--well, refurbished--airship doing some transport work, calls it _Moon of Shastapsh,_ and a new crew, and who knows where any of their loyalties lie? There's a war on after all and you can't be none too careful.

And them passengers ain't too savory, either: Flock of perfumed Martian merchants as keep running down to the hold to check on God-only-knows whatever it is they got down there, set of shifty-eyed priests on some sort of pilgrimage, and that damned tatooed mongrel Hill Martian. Showed up before dawn, 'e did, banging on the hatch and demanding to be allowed to book passage. That poor British officer must be half out of her wits, just trying to get back to her post.

Well, Cap pays good, and always has decent rum. Or at least used to anyway. Just a quick out-an-back 'e says. Nothin' to it. Gravy run, 'e says. Tea won't even get cold... Crimey, three days in this damnable heat! And bloody Phobos is rising now--no good ever comes when the Terror Moon is in the sky. Should never have left that barstool.

_Shadow Over Mars_ begins the tale of the airship _Moon of Shastapsh_ and its crew, as they join the famed Red Captains of the Space:1889 universe.

_[Note: We do not expect players to find anything particularly triggery in this game beyond the usual sorts of criminal activity, dastardly mayhem and casual racism one expects to find in the average Errol Flynn movie. That said, it is not necessarily intended for children. 16 and older, please.]_

_[Other note: Inspired by last year's Space:1889 Kickstarter, Fête Fatale Productions will finally embark on a long-held dream to run larps set in that universe. Because we're Just That Crazy, this will be a three-headed monster:_ Shadow Over Mars _is the first of a series of_ Red Captains _one-shots (cheerfully stealing the serialized concept of Tony Mitton and AJ Smith's_ Kestrel _games)._ The Curse of Whately's Mysterious Island _in Fall 2015 will serve as a prologue to the third head, a new multi-year Space:1889 campaign running in the Chicago area beginning in 2016. Whately and the Red Captains games will tell stories outside the campaign but in the same universe, and may introduce background, plots or characters (nemeses?) relevant in the campaign. No association to the campaign or any other games are necessary to play this game.]_

_[Legal note: Space:1889 is Frank Chadwick’s registered trademark for his role-playing game of Victorian space-faring and originally published by GDW from 1988 to 1991, and reprinted by Heliograph, Inc. in 2000 to 2001. Pinnacle released “Space:1889 Red Sands” in 2010. Clockwork Publishing released a new edition in 2014. All games and IP are the properties of their owners and no infringement is intended.]_

Played at

Intercon O (2015)

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