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Atlantic City, 1920: Monopoly

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10-20 players, Male characters: 5-10, Female characters: 5-10


✏️David Braslow
✏️Joey Brunelle
✏️Katie Gordon


Atlantic City. Just an ordinary town in New Jersey….or is it? The year is 1920. Railroads and car-less streets surround the landscape. All the inhabitants of the city live in small tents they call yurts, not buildings made of brick and mortar. Men and women come and go, attending to their jobless lives, surviving off an unquestioned stipend they receive weekly from The Bank, which they simply call Go. “This is the way of things,” they say, “the way it has been done for ages.” There is peace and harmony in this simple life. All of the city’s well-to-do inhabitants, content with the trickle from The Bank, are satisfied with the ownership of a single plot of land apiece. There is no competition, no fighting for territory, and for the lucky, no poverty. That is until one day, when The Bank is robbed – emptied. The culprit remains unknown. The Mayor, a man called Pennybags, is in a panic: now that the cushion of The Bank is gone, how will the citizens of Atlantic City survive without resorting to their ancient ways? He fears that the interruption of the flow of cash will drive his citizens to the one weapon everyone fears, the one weapon that could bring utter destruction to their utopian world: the Monopoly.

This game has run once previously at Brown University. For more information about the game, world, and system, visit http://www.monopolylarp.com

Played at

Intercon O (2015)

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