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A Song of Mergers and Acquisitions

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6-11 players


✏️Kate Bagdasian
✏️Devin Hendrickson
✏️Tegan L. Hendrickson


In a not too distant dystopian future, a congress of corporations tugs the strings of the world...

Aldrich Targaryen, leader of the largest, most powerful corporate family in Westeros, has died. He leaves behind a legacy of struggle and power, having been the man who ended the previous era of chaos when the various corporations vied for power at the detriment of the country. He brought decades of stability to the Corporate Congress by bringing the other corporations to heel. But, with his own family divided in his absence, what will happen to the Targaryen empire?

As the business elites gather to pay their respects at a memorial gala, new partnerships will be struck and hostile takeovers may be imminent when the corporate leaders rub elbows at the event. Some have come to pay their respects, some are making deals on a word and a handshake, and others are there to keep an eye on everyone else and ensure their family's survival. Whole industries may rise or crumble on the bargains struck at the gala. Because with Aldrich Targaryen out of the picture, it's anyone's game.

Will the corporations descend back into the chaos of the Corporate Wars? Or will another business mogul make a play to rule the Congress? Or is this the beginning of a new era of monopolies and industrial empires? In this not too distant dystopian future, the fate of Westeros is in the hands of only a few men and women, masters of their respective industries, and their personal goals, vendettas, and allegiances.

A Song of Mergers and Acquisitions is a theatrical, boardroom LARP inspired by the writings of George R. R. Martin and the Photoshop acumen of the folks at Shutterstock. There will be plots, betrayal, scheming, and contracts.

This game is intended for mature audiences only. Players must be 18+. This is a game of murder, intrigue, lusts of all varieties. Potential triggers include daddy issues, religious fundamentalism, and actions of questionable morality.

Played at

Intercon N (2014)
Intercon O (2015)

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