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After Party

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10 players, Male characters: 5, Female characters: 5


✏️Kate Fractal


Your ten-year high school reunion was loud and crowded, so when Jack invited you back to his place for an after party, you gladly accepted. A small gathering of friends and the people from the clubs you were in: this is your chance to reconnect more closely with a few special people, to say the things you were too scared to in high school, to catch up on how everyone's changed, help out your friends, and maybe finally get to make-out with your old crush.

After Party is character-interaction driven, real-world game about sexuality, romance, friendship, identity and change. Themes of money, work, family, and religion exist for some characters. The game uses the Ars Armandi mechanics to simulate physical intimacy, and the game time includes a brief pre-game workshop and a debrief. It is strongly recommended that players take an Ars Armandi workshop before playing this game. The themes and mechanics may lead to more than normal bleed. This game is intended for player 18+ years old.

Played at

Intercon N (2014)
Intercon O (2015)

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