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The Yearbook

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 5-6 players

Organized by



✏️Terry H. Romero
✏️John Stavropoulos


That night long ago in the old high school, one terrible night you weren’t even suppose to be there, something happened to Joe. It changed you and the 5 others. It changed everything.

Now you’ve returned…and tonight is the 20th high school reunion. Lives have been lived and years of success, failures and regrets are worn like armor. But is it enough protection from learning the brutal truth about what happened to your "friend"?

The Yearbook is a potent blend of story game and Nordic LARP with deep immersion, evocative props and explicit, twisting supernatural horror. This game contains possible triggers, though NO sexual violence. This game features a mechanism for players to signal if they are uncomfortable (feel free to email the gms with specific concerns). For 5-6 neutral-gender players (you may be crosscast). 18+ strictly enforced.

Played at

Intercon M (2013)

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