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The Great War Upon Us

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6-8 players

Organized by

Invictus Larp


✏️Zoe Eddy
✏️Michael Golosovker
✏️Jake McCarthy
✏️Chris Wilkins


War has come to the Republic of Illara! The Andaria Dominion has invaded the Province of Rel in the North and looks poised to strike at Luzzu in the West and perhaps even the heart of Illara Province itself. For years the Andarians have been a mysterious presence across the Rellian border. With little contact between the two great nations, little is known about their strength, their troops, their people. Now, as crisis looms, it is up to heroes of the Republic to rally to her defense.

* * *

In The Great War Upon Us, the players shall take on the roles of soldiers, sorcerors, scouts, and gladiators during the time of the Great War that took place centuries before the main Invictus LARP campaign setting. In several daring missions they will undertake tasks for the Republic and help fight off the invading armies of Andaria. This is a boffer combat game focused on delivering an exciting and visceral adventuring experience. Each group of players will fight and roleplay their way through various encounters to accomplish their objectives in each of three separate tasks. The events and information of this game will then go on to form the foundation of the game "Senate Chambers," which will run later in the convention.

Players will take part in one of two separate runs of this game. Priority is given to try and make sure the most number of people have a chance to play, but if there is room, a player may be allowed to play more than one adventure. Each adventure should last approximately 90 minutes and will be primarily boffer combat focused, but with roleplaying elements interspersed. No experience is necessary and boffer weapons will be provided. Those new to boffer fighting are more than welcome!

As a prelude to the Invictus LARP, anyone who plays this game will also earn .5 character points for their separate Invictus Character should they choose to play.

Played at

Intercon M (2013)

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