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The City of Fire and Coin

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-14 players

Organized by



✏️Epidiah Ravachol
✏️Evan Torner


_The world is full of wonder and danger, that’s exactly why you walk in it. Under an unforgiving sun—at the crux of those foot-weary paths that draw bright caravans overladen with spices, silks, and far treasures through the searing eastern deserts—lies the City. The coin-hungry Old Kingdoms of the south provision her with merchants and envoys. Reavers and conquerors from the north and west are ever repelled by her high, hard walls. Within, a metropolis teems. Peddlers, whores, and thieves ply their nefarious trades among the throngs. The chaotic knot of streets and alleys is home to slave and noble alike. Scattered bazaars of all manner offer goods mundane, exotic, and improbable. Above, troops of sword and spear wielding monkeys control the rooftops, waging war among themselves. Below, the elite city guard prowl the wealthy neighborhoods on tigerback, protecting the Shining Lord and those in his favor while turning a half-blind eye to the violence of the slums and their criminal guilds. Beneath, dark and vast catacombs hide the City’s more abhorrent denizens from the harsh light of day. This is the City of Opportunity, the City of Misfortune, the City at the Center of the World, the City of Fire & Coin._ **The City of Fire & Coin** is a four-hour, parlor sandbox larp in which players play rogues adventuring in a mysterious fantasy city packed with violence and intrigue. Based loosely on the tabletop RPG [Swords without Master](http://dig1000holes.wordpress.com/swords-without-master-2/), which is itself based on the pulp fantasy of Fritz Leiber and Robert E. Howard, the game is designed to generate suspenseful, action-packed fantasy within a short timeframe over the space of the city. A high GM-to-player ratio gives the larp a level of responsiveness not normally found in larps of its kind. Collaborative, survey-based character creation allows you to help the GMs build your pulp hero the way _you_ want it. -------------------- **What is a parlor sandbox larp?** -A parlor larp is a limited duration larp around a closed set of locations and scenes. -A sandbox larp is an open world game that lets players explore and even impact the world. -A parlor sandbox larp is one that combines the advantages of both. Players jump immediately into action with committed foes hot on their tail, but they then get to determine over the course of the game what their long-term story arc entails. Time and space are fast and loose concepts, task resolution revolves around quests and deepening storylines, and combat is usually quick, brutal and lethal. -------------------- Bring your furs, loincloths, capes, armor – all kinds of garb welcome! Boffer weapons can embellish your character, but are strictly optional and have no mechanical effect. Women and men are equally rogue-ish, and thus equally welcome! Neither familiarity with the tabletop RPG, nor pulp fantasy, nor with any specific larp system is necessary to play in this larp. Mature audiences preferred, but event open to ages younger than 18 upon special request.

Played at

Intercon M (2013)

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