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Pendragon: Tales on a Winter's Morn

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 20-35 players


✏️Brian Altmiller
✏️Ken Brown
✏️Brandon Brylawski
✏️Leila Holtsman
✏️Barbara Jackson-Jewell
✏️Tom Jewell
✏️Paul Wayner


Join us for a journey into the mythic past to tell stories from long ago, when Britain was emerging from Roman occupation to become a nation. Jousting and romance were popular sports, and nascent christianity grew alongside and sometimes struggled against ancient pagan ways. New kingdoms strove to consolidate power, yet in the strange wild places practitioners of old magic, both foul and fair, still wove their enchantments. High chivalry took its place alongside base treachery, and war was the commonplace pursuit of nobles everywhere.

In **Pendragon: Tales on a Winter's Morn** , you will tell these stories by playing not one, but many different characters during the course of the game. You might be King Lot in one tale, a goodly Hermit in another, and a terrible Monster in a third. Your actions will determine each story's outcome, and collectively all will determine the saga of King Arthur. Will Lancelot and Guenevere betray their sovereign? Will the Round table be broken? Will Mordred come to hate his father? All remains to be seen.

**Pendragon: Tales on a Winter's Morn** is a short adaptation of the weekend game Tales of Pendragon, specially created for Intercon.

Played at

Intercon M (2013)

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