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All Hail the Pirate Queen!

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 5-8 players, Male characters: 0, Female characters: 3-4, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 2-4

Organized by



✏️Kat Jones


_The pirate queen lies dead. Who will take her place? Assembled are the queen's closest associates, lovers, and most despised enemies. They will vie for a chance to become the new pirate queen._

All Hail the Pirate Queen is a larp about pirates inspired by Poison'd by Vincent Baker. The game will be focused on manipulation, inter-player conflict and nasty deeds rather than ship battles or sword fights. Think Long John Silver from Treasure Island rather than Pirates of the Caribbean.

This game is for adults (18+) only. The pirates in this game are immoral, nasty and have done all manner of horrible things. Betrayals and murder should be expected. On the other hand, sexual violence will not be part of game play, nor will it be an emphasis of the game. There will be intimate relationships between some the characters, some of which are same sex.

Played at

Intercon M (2013)

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