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(AKA: 🎭 Venezia)

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 27 players, Male characters: 16, Female characters: 11

Organized by

Lovers and Madmen Larp Productions


✏️Brian Richburg
✏️Alison Joy Schafer

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

OrganizerDavid Kotsonis
OrganizerAlison Joy Schafer


At the close of the 15th century, Italy is a collection of feuding city states. Each of these states is ruled by a powerful family: the Medici family in Florence, the Sforza family in Milan, and the Este family in Ferrara along with the Doge in Venice, the King of Naples, and the Pope in Rome. Locked in constant and bitter rivalry, these prominent personages battled in times of open warfare and competed for economic and artistic dominance in times of peace.

Take the role of one of the greatest men or women of the Italian Renaissance such as Lorenzo D'Medici, Niccolo Machiavelli, Beartrice D'Este - Duchess of Milan, Leonardo Di Vinci, or one of the infamous Borgias. Scheme and plot over the course of three of the grand Carnevales di Venezia. Between each Carnevale, the years fly by, and the choices you made will determine your own path and influence the fates of others. Marriages will be brokered, alliances will shift, great works will be accomplished, and Italy will be changed forever. Will you end up a prince, a pauper, or the Pope himself?

Players will be able to explore their own character's life over the course of many years and witness the change in the world. There will be multiple distinct choices that players will be able to make that will have a rippling effect on themselves and others. Specifically, there will be two large decision points per player during the course of the game which will send you down a different path in history. The decisions vary in intensities and range from choices such as arranged marriages, treaties, or choosing a life of religious servitude to declaring war or being named Pope. While these choices are outside of GM influence, some decisions will be group choices, consequences of inaction, or influenced by other players. _There will also be additional predetermined plots that arise between the time periods._

Notes:- Venezia is highly saturated with interpersonal plots. While there are non-romantic parts available, the majority of parts will include love, lust, or arranged marriage plots. - Roles are mostly historical personages and include noble Lords and Ladies, Artists/Inventors/Philosophers, Cardinals, Courtesans, Mercenaries, French Diplomats, Heads of houses and estates, and more. Some historical liberties have been taken. - For the sake of the game, there are a few "male roles" that are designated as female player roles to allow females access to parts that history would otherwise prohibit them to be in. - Some character choices may lead to death, in addition to death from combat. However, no player death will not occur until the final act.

Played at

Intercon L (2012)
Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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