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Aces Over Arkham

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 24-45 players, Male characters: 8-15, Female characters: 8-15, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 8-15

Organized by

The Bridge & Tunnel Artists' Collective


✏️Joshua Jaffe
✏️Megan Jaffe
✏️Sean Jaffe
✏️Matt Volk


Aces over Arkham

“Across the bulkheads of the Nautilus, all went silent. Captain Nemo himself walked to the forward deck and gripped the railing, gritting his teeth against the wave of nausea that overcame him- that overcame all of us. We all fixed our eyes on the ports and choked down the rising bile that accompanied the approach of the great black Aethership before us. The skies blackened and the pits of our stomachs twisted at its’ approach, a great writhing stormcloud in the form of twin goliath floating, wheezing lungs; bristling with weapons of parasitic disease- the Leviathan, flagship of Crowley’s nightmarish, half-breathing Aetherships. These two titans had met before and bore the scars of the encounter. In the roiling skies over Arkham it would be final- or so we thought. H.G. Wells had warned us that the two Aetherships would clash again, although the crews of the future would not be so familiar to us... ” Flight Admiral Tomlynn Brody of the Apothecarium

Take command of one of the most powerful Aetherships of all time in the third installment of the Ex Arcana saga at Intercon. In this event, two LARPs will match wits in a battle to dominate the Aetheric skies over the ruins of Arkham. Will you join the noble Arcanum in the legendary Nautilus to re-open the Threshold? Or will you throw in with the mad Oathbreakers aboard the Leviathan in a desperate bid to stop them? This game, designed for 30-40 players seperates the players into two crews and actually pits them against one another in an advanced, turn-based game of “Battleship” while the crews deal with mutiny, mistrust and betrayals within. This game is a continues the ongoing "House of the Broken Tower" storyline while requiring strong roleplaying from many new players!

Played at

Intercon K (2011)

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