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A Midsummer Night and the Livin' Is Easy

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12 players, Male characters: 7, Female characters: 5


✏️John Brewer
✏️Nyren Knapp
✏️A. Nakama
✏️Conor Walsh
✏️Mike Wixon


It's summertime in 1920's Chicago; the swing is jumping and the gin is flowing easy. In the speakeasy "The Ass's Bottom," Oberon is throwing a revel, and everything was going smooth until his and Titania's son is found dead on the floor. Private dicks have been summoned to find out whodunit before the witching hour has passed. With scheming fae around, they're in over their heads, and Ariel won't shut up about cake...

Played at

Intercon J (2010)
Intercon M (2013)
Intercon N (2014)

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