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Life at the Securemarket

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10-25 players

Organized by

The Age of Corporations


✏️Colin Sandel


**Did you know:** of the violent deaths that occur in the greater New Washington area, over 30% occur to ordinary people running everyday errands?

New Washington is the greatest city on Earth. Magic and Technology are at their peak, adventuring is a career choice and Legends walk the streets. Sadly, it seems to be normal people who suffer the cost, gunned down by mercenaries or blown apart by a powerful mage while trying to buy a cup of milk! No one wants to be eaten by monsters while trying to pick up produce, but few of us are given a choice in the matter.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Have you ever wondered why your office requires that its employees have Martial and Magic Certification, but your local supermarket doesn't? We seek to change this standard. The Securemarket™ is simply the safest and best shopping experience in New Washington, providing a wide selection of high-quality food while maintaining the best standards of protection in the service-provider industry. Our employees are all trained in the use of magics and weaponry, and periodically participate in training retreats designed to hone their ability to protect and serve you. In the greatest city in the world, can you expect anything less?

Welcome to the Securemarket. We'll take care of you...

* * *

Another day, another hundred creds.

Drag your carcass out of bed, get dressed, strap on your Wakizashi 9mm and hoof it to the rail station. Avoid the hobos and stalkers, listen to music, arrive at Lon Fon, walk to the store. Put on your apron, wash your hands, tie your hair back and put on a smile...

You're an employee of the Securemarket™, New Washington's most prestigious and well-known supermarket chain. You know some magic and can shoot a gun, which is all you really need to get started. Sometimes work is fairly boring, but when it's exciting it's _way too exciting_.

You'd think that in a workplace where you have monthly examinations to make sure there aren't any mimic eggs in the store, there'd be less of a focus on workplace drama, right? No such luck, particularly in a small, poor neighborhood like this one, next to the Lon Fon Rail Station. Burgeoning romances, rivalries and other conflicts are rife at the store, and ducking them is as much a full-time job as helping customers.

* * *

_Life at the Securemarket™_ is a semi-horde game, where most of the players will be employees of the Securemarket, and the rest represent the customers, inspectors, employees of rival companies and other bizarre characters that breeze through the store.

_Life at the Securemarket™_ is based on the Age of Corporations novel, _Tales from the Securemarket™_.

Played at

Intercon J (2010)
Intercon K (2011)
Intercon L (2012)

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