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The Green Fairy

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12-26 players, Male characters: 6-13, Female characters: 6-13


✏️Adrienne Gammons
✏️Gordon Olmstead-Dean


It is the fin de siecle in the demi-monde of Gay Paree. It is a time of art, dance, casinos, can-can, and the Green Fairy rules the night. It is a world of sensual pleasure, passion, and indulgence. "The Green Fairy" is a burlesque club and bar, where naughty goings on upstairs are a matter of course. Between gambling, dance, and drinking there is a bit of philosophy and art along with a lot of **that!**

Green Fairy is run in a private suite to allow for a more "Adult" atmosphere. Rules influenced by games such as the lauded "Orgia ad Domus Lomaximus" will insure that no player is forced to touch or engage in any contact they find uncomfortable. Any sort of harassment will not be tolerated by the GMs. That said, the atmosphere runs towards the bawdy and scantily clad, and this is not a game primarily aimed at simulating making out with game mechanics. Please bring a relaxed, accepting, mature mindset.

Played at

Intercon J (2010)

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