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Shadow Over Babylon

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 14-19 players, Male characters: 9-10, Female characters: 2-5, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 3-4


✏️Vito D'Agosta
✏️Eddy Karat
✏️Susan Weiner


On February 17th, a terrorist attack occurred in the ruins of Mosul. The attack was accompanied by the release of a toxic gas that killed more than 1000 people. The sole survivor appears to have suffered severe mental trauma from an unknown neurotoxin.

Al Araf, an insurgent group, claimed responsibility and has called for a meeting with government and international officials. They threaten that, unless their conditions are met, more deadly attacks will follow.

* * *

Shadow Over Babylon is a game of political intrigue and Lovecraftian horror set in Iraq in the near future. The game takes place at a diplomatic meeting between Iraqi officials, insurgent groups and representatives from the UN, the US and military contractors.

Played at

Intercon I (2009)
Intercon J (2010)

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