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Intercon Zi

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 18-20 players, Male characters: 4, Female characters: 4, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 10-12

Organized by

The Intercon Z Continuum


✏️Janet Brennan


**As of: March 5, 2:30pm EST, All Games Are Full! If any folks sign up for the Zi waitlist, we may be able to accomodate more players - email the game contact above to find out**

| Time | Track "Z" | OpenSlots | | Track "i" | OpenSlots | | 8-10pm | -Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys by Mags Simkins | FULL | | -Pregame/Postgame by Alex Bradley & Janet Brennan | FULL | | 10-11pm | -Contingencies by Chris Buck | FULL | | -RIPOFF! by Vance Walsh | FULL | | 11pm-Mid. | -Bug Hunt: Escape! by Janet Brennan & Vance Walsh | FULL | | -Choices III by Don Ross | FULL |

* * *

Welcome to Intercon Phasor-Z, the world's most complex four-hour Intercon!

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could play more games at an Intercon, come experience the high frequency thrill of playing as many as four different games in a four-hour block at Intercon Phasor-Z. Furthermore, it's conveniently being hosted by our sister convention, Intercon I. If you're already attending Intercon I, why not take four hours of your time to experience the most complex new convention format!

Intercon Zi - Add an imaginary dimension to your reality!

The Games:

**- Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys, by Margaret "Mags" Simkins** Back by popular demand! Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys is a fun 2 hour LARP where you get to play the monkeys of a unique social experiment. Curious George can be found along with other favorites such as Code Monkey, Space Monkey, Rafiki, the linking armed, Barrel of Monkeys and many many more! This role playing intensive game is for those who want to role play with a sense of humor. Come engage personal primate plotlines, mysteries and intrigue! **- Pregame/Postgame, by Alex Bradley and Janet Brennan** Pregame "What do you _mean_ the GM is running late?" "He can't be late, he didn't email our character sheets!" "I know the game needs to start, couldn't you just..." "No, you can't call Game On, I don't know who I am!" ... too late. You'll just have to puzzle it out as you go. All you have is a printout of your questionnaire, a cryptic character hint, and your fellow players. Play Pregame: a LARP paved with good intentions! Postgame That was a fun larp. Now it's over... but what happened? Play Postgame at Zi and find out. **- Contingencies, by Chris Buck** That's odd, I think I've forgotten something. Hey. I was somewhere else, a moment ago, I think. Where are my keys? Where is my jacket, my life? They are around here somewhere. There are likely with the umbrella I lost in '07. Hmmm... I know her from somewhere, don't I? Contingencies: a game where you re-assemble your life bit by bit. **- RIPOFF! by Vance Walsh** Every civilization has the creme of its populace which always rises to the top. This is NOT their story. Romulan Intelligence Profiling: Operational Foundations Focus RIPOFF! is a lighthearted look at the less than stellar members of the Romulan Star Empire's officer corp. You always wanted to be a member of the Tal Shiarr. No you were not the smartest, fastest or most efficient in the arts but you always knew that if you did your best someday you would be given what you rightfully deserved. You are not quite sure what "remedial" means but it seems like a very technical word which means it must be very advanced and as such it is your right to claim it! This game is written in the vein of _Klingon Group Therapy_with permission from Jim Edwards-Hewitt. **- Choices III, by Don Ross** They are not like us... **- Bug Hunt: Escape! by Janet Brennan and Vance Walsh** (Watch this space - more game info will post tonight. Be forewarned: It will tell of Space Marines, hostile aliens, NERF machine guns, a Self Destruct sequence, and what happens as the triumphant Marines from the first episode of Bug Hunt! make their way to the ship's escape pods. It's not over yet!)

Played at

Intercon I (2009)

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