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Future Imperfect: Gulag

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 4-8 players

Organized by

Mythical Journeys: Future Imperfect


✏️Jonathan Dale
✏️Derek Herrera
✏️Thomas Schlapp


_They said that this would be the land of promise, where a guy could come and start a new life, free from the prejudice of past worlds. They said that things would be better this time around. They said that all crimes would be forgiven; all sinners would be redeemed._

They lied.

You and yours now languish in prison; the reasons don't quite matter now. All that matters is that you will never see the sky again, unless you do something about it. Once in a lifetime, Mothership leaves to a new world, to start life anew. Word has it she's leaving in less than a day, and she's taking on passengers...

FUTURE IMPERFECT: GULAG is a two-hour, highly-interactive scenario that pits you against our "prison". As life-sentence prisoners, your goal is to escape in time to board Mothership and leave this world. Together with your team, you have to bypass security systems, hack into computers, gun down (or sweet-talk) guards and do whatever it takes to earn your freedom.

Unlike most LARP events at Intercon, we will use provide a physical layout to engage our players. Meaning, our security systems are real, our computer terminals are real (loaded with our computer network simulation for you to "hack") and your adversaries are real.\*\* You want to sneak around pressure plates? Do it! You want to gun down a guard! Go for it! Combat is handled through a combination of NERF and boffer weapons, although we will have "no-boffers" and "non-combat" options available for teams that would rather not engage in physical combat.

We hope you join us!

\*\* Everything is within reason, of course. Props are still props, after all.

Played at

Intercon I (2009)

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