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Arcana: Complete the Circle

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10-30 players


✏️Sean Jaffe
✏️Matthew Volk


The Century Of Silence is over!

Deep within Tashimar Prison, the extradimensional intelligence Candleflax waits, and seethes. One hundred years he has been trapped in this prison-realm, mad with rage against the pathetic humans that have placed him here.

But today, it all changes. Today the thresholds open again, and the short-lived humans have shorter memories. Gone are the stories of the monsters who rode the ether through the Thresholds and plagued mankind. Gone are the Thresholders of the Arcanum who kept the earth safe through the use of powerful magics.

Around one hundred years ago, the light of magic sputtered and died. The noble forces of the Arcanum- an ancient order of mystical cavaliers led by such luminaries as Harry Houdini, A.E. Waite, Abraham VanHelsing, and Marie LaVeau- was beset on all sides by the combined forces of Aleister Crowley's Oathbreaker's Tribunal, an unholy alliance of monsters, Liches, and Those Beyond. Unable to reconcile the horror of a future in which Crowley's Tribunal controls the forces of reality, the Arcanum used Nicola Tesla's Doomsday weapon to close the gateways to the Outer Spheres and stop the flow of magic into our world for one hundred years. One thousand of the Arcanum's most respected Magistrates stepped into the SoulVault, vowing to return and bring the light of magic back to the Earth when the threat was abated.

That was 1908.

Now the Thresholds are re-opening and spilling Magic, monsters, and mayhem back into a world full of brash young Guttersnipes with no understanding of how to wield the mystical forces of Sorcery, Invocation, Witchcraft, and Alchemy. The returned Magistrates have learned of one such instance taking place in a hotel not far from an Apothecarium Sanctum on the East Coast. The otherworldly horror Candleflax will emerge from his dimensional prison soon! Can these Victorian strangers-in-a-strange- land find the Threshold and recruit enough help to bring it under control in time?

Played at

Intercon I (2009)

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