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ADGNEPSEF555: Groundhog Recess

(AKA: Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555)

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 15-60 players

Organized by

Windmill Games / The Impossible Dream


✏️Akira Barnes


Ah, recess!, the best part of the day at **Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja- Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555!** Ah, recess!-- waitaminit, haven't you already done this? Experience the magic of grade school... with the help of a disintegrator ray. Rediscover recess (again and again) with classmates who are kensai, psychics, superheroes and more in an anime-themed cross-dimensional grade school. Dice and crayons provided. TV Y7 rated. Check out our website to see character descriptions, a relationship flowchart, and our webcomic! Costumes are highly Encouraged!

Currently the website is housed at http://www.tiltingatwindmills.net/adgnepsef555/index.html until we can get our own up and running...

Played at

Intercon I (2009)


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