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... For Art's Sake

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 15-20 players, Male characters: 7-9, Female characters: 8-11

Organized by

Immortal Sociopaths


✏️Liliya Benderskaya
✏️C. Victoria Root
✏️Cynthia Wakefield


The Westridge Academy admits only students of proven academic achievement, artistic talent and community leadership, and provides them with an ideal environment to hone their creative abilities. Westridge students are shielded from the hypocrisy and intrigue of public high schools and free to express themselves through their work.

Tonight celebrates the reopening of the West Gallery for student use, and in honor of the occasion a small dance is being held within the Gallery's reception space for the most prominent juniors and sophomores in each discipline. Formal dress is expected.

_"... For Art's Sake" is a drama in one act on the topics of love, rebellion, honesty and self-expression. It is a "real world, serious issues" game, and actors must be willing to deal with high volumes of angst, rage, and guilt; they should be ready for anything. 18+ only._

Played at

Intercon H (2008)

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