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And Thunder Shall Roll

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 30-40 players

Organized by

Animus Creations


✏️Janet Brennan
✏️Vance Walsh


UPDATE: Character Sheets will go out Thursday before the con. If you are at the hotel drop a line to the game email address and we can deliver your character sheet to you at the hotel Thursday night.

* * * UPDATE: Character Hints have been emailed. If you did not receive one, please let the GMs know. * * *

Folk head west to Basin, Arizona looking for a piece of the good life. In this gold mining town the goodly and the wicked tread dusty streets side by side. Fate is always waiting around the next corner; the preacher's doomsaying on the pulpit every morning, the drunkard's bellyaching in the saloon every night, and a man can catch or lose a year's salary on one spin of the roulette wheel.

They say Slim Thompson made a deal with the Devil to get his lucky break in Basin. Slim just about owns the town these days, and to prove it he's put himself together a gunslinger shootout that'll bring the best of the best from all across the country. And believe me, they're coming; the prize money is enough to make the Queen of England blush, plus some things, like bragging rights, just can't be bought. But a man like Slim ought to take care who he invites to town...

The Hopi believe that when the Great Spirit raises his hand against the white man, his tempest will extinguish the very face of the sun. There's a storm brewin' over Basin and the fate of this town will hang in the balance of fervent prayers, backroom deals and flying bullets. No one will be safe once the thunder rolls.

Played at

Intercon H (2008)

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