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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 23-27 players, Male characters: 9-10, Female characters: 5-6, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 9-11

Organized by

Breaking Light Productions


✏️Phoebe Roberts


In Alice, a game of dark fantasy, players take on the personas of twisted versions of the characters in Lewis Carroll's famous children's novels, in a strange subreality called Wonderland. Each character's struggles and intrigues swirl around the strange comings and goings of a lost, troubled girl called Alice, as they work to control, escape, and survive the mad trap that is Wonderland. Alice is gothic in tone, semi-realistic with touches of dark surrealism. Though every character is human, each one is inspired by a figure from Lewis Carroll's novels, and has a secret Wonderland identity hidden behind a seemingly normal human name. Alice is thickly plotted with clean, simple mechanics and character sheets written in a detailed, novelistic style. Players must scheme and strategize to achieve their goals, using their cunning and best judgment to determine what to do and who to trust. It also a killing game, so players must be prepared for the possibility of fatal combat situations, though the ability to kill opponents will not be activated until two hours into the four-hour period. The currency of the game is information, and players must gather the facts they need for their quests through interaction, bargaining, deception, and collaboration. Enter the gothic world of Alice and unravel the mysteries of the dark and twisted world of Wonderland.

Played at

Intercon H (2008)

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