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Goldilocks, Frocks and Two Stinking Barrels

RPG system: We stole some mechanics from Avalon
Participants: 14 players


✏️Marc Blumberg
✏️Sue Lee
✏️James Silverstein
✏️Anita Szostak
OrganizerSue Lee


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Guy Ritchie directed a movie based on Fairy Tales? This has given the authors many sleepless nights. Obviously.

Wonder no more, step into this take on Coronation Day, written very much an homage to the director of Snatch, RocknRolla and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

King Edward of England was recently killed in the Hundred Year�s War of the Roses between England & France. His son and heir Prince Charming has returned victorious from the war, with money, hostages and glory to be crowned King and the populace are gathered for his coronation and the accompanying tourney. His stepmother the Queen, who has acted as regent for the years of the war, is scheduled to hand over the reins this evening. What can possibly go wrong?

Become a fairytale character, and step into a slightly twisted world, where shooters are replaced with bows and arrows, a right ruckus is likely to involve any number of enchantments, and magical items, but Faaaamily is still always the most important thing.

Played at

Imaginary Consequences (2015)

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