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A Question of Faith

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 21-33 players, Male characters: 0, Female characters: 3, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 18-30


✏️Steven Martin


As senior residents of the Tower of Thought, you have enjoyed the prestige and honor of being known as collectively the the most complete collection of religious knowledge the world has. Situated in as far out of the way a location as could be found to discourage all but the truely dedicated supplicants to your wisdom, you are able to devote the majority of your time to communing with your respective deities (and though you don't let the outside world know - to the political squabbling to be top of the heap here).

However, apparently even the most pious can have their problems with the cosmos. As of this morning, the Gods no longer respond to your pleas, with no explanation readily apparent. Additionally, the Archpriest was discovered dead in his chambers this morning, with no visible wounds. He was much too young to have died of the ravages of time, but no other explanation is readily apparent. Perhaps his death is tied to the silence of the gods?

To make matters worse, an unprecedented six supplicants arrived at the tower last night. Turning them out without hearing their pleas would greatly damage your much-cherished reputation with the rest of the world, but letting them find out you are without deific guidance (or your archpriest) would be even worse. You must somehow re-connect with the gods, discern the cause of the archpriest's death, and replace him - all while solving whatever issues these supplicants have brought.

Played at

Intercon F (2006)

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