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Moving Van

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 15-19 players

Organized by

Overaged Gifted Children


✏️Jim MacDougal
✏️Kelly Diane MacDougal


It was a dark and stormy night. Ivan Fussey and his whole family were moving East for a new job in Washington, D.C. All of the family big things were loaded onto a great big moving van. To follow close behind was a smaller truck with all the lighter boxes and the children's toys. Curiously, there was no extra security with the second truck even though is carried the Fussey's famous collectible stuffies, including a 1904 Steiff Teddy bear.

Maybe Ivan Fussey just thought no one knew the toys would be moved, or maybe he just trusted in his own security measures. For whatever reason, there would be no one guarding the second moving van. Because of the special cases for "Mommy and Daddy's toys", little Jean insisted on packing her own stuffies, because "They deserved special attention, too!" Little Jean used three roles of duct tape, just to be sure. Along with the other boxes there is the box of Bonnie the dog's things, including her chew toy, Chew Toy. But since he belongs to the dog and not a child none of the toys really worry about him very much. Even though moving day is always a scary time for soft toys no one was particularly worried. There was some small concern about the weather. Just to make everyone extra confident about the move, Smedley had everyone look out the window before they were packed; and they could all see a pair of plush purple sharks on the dashboard of the parked truck. Everyone agreed; if the truck driver used soft toys as lucky mascots then he was a man they could trust.

Only one curious thing happened before the trip began. Two toys, Presley the hound and Zipper Zilla the monster, were added to the big box of toys. All the stuffies thought this was odd, but none of them worried about it very much. Soon it was obvious to even the least attentive stuffie that they were not on any super highway; they were going up, up, up a windy mountain road. Then there was the sound of a great big crash! It felt as if the truck swerved and swerved and swerved, and then with a great big bang it fell on it's side. Then there was another crash. The truck seemed to slide around sideways, then it slipped down a hill and came to rest with it's top pointed mostly down. Finally, everything became very still and almost quiet. The only sound was that of rain on the truck's steel body (or maybe it was hail). No, that's not right, from just outside there was another sound, the sound of running water. There was an unpleasant smell that might have been gasoline. And no one could tell what had happened to Mr. Truck Driver. Oh, my!!!

Played at

Intercon F (2006)

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