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All's Well That Ends

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 23 players, Male characters: 11, Female characters: 10, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 2


✏️Anthony Grocock
✏️Russell Harris
✏️Heidi Kaye
✏️AJ Smith
✏️Jane Winter


Plague stalks the streets of Elizabethan London. The Swan Theatre has been closed, and tonight's performance of Kit Marlowe's well-received "Dr Faustus" has been cancelled. Disgruntled patrons and theatre folk alike are crammed into a low tavern, "The Final Curtain" - the very place Marlowe's corpse was discovered just hours previously.

"All's Well That Ends" is set in the sort of fictionalised Elizabethan London portrayed in "Shakespeare in Love". Courtiers and privateers rub shoulders with playwrights and actors.

This is a 4-hour freeform for 20 players, using light-weight mechanics. A deep knowledge of Elizabethan history is neither necessary nor useful.

Played at

Intercon E (2005)
Intercon I (2009)

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