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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 14-30 players, Male characters: 7-16, Female characters: 7-14


✏️Kathleen O'Brien
✏️Rachel Schmutter
✏️Suzanne Wayner
✏️Jeannie C. Whited


It's 1994, and Alcatraz is still open. Senator Chet "Man of the People" Howard has chosen the prison as the site for his latest speech. Warden Becker knows the Senator's visit will be an inspiration for all the helpless victims of society entrusted to his care. The rest of his staff are certain the visit will be . . . memorable. The convicts, for once, agree with the staff. Meanwhile, the Security Chief is certain someone is eyeing his Twinkie stash. Remember, it's only the stupid ones that get caught.

_ **Alcatraz** _ is a lighthearted game of stupid criminals, prison life, and escapism. Some physical activity such as crawling on the floor or through small tunnels may be involved.

Played at

Intercon E (2005)

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