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It's Just a Game

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10-30 players


✏️Christopher M. Buck


_It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him._ -J. R. R. Tolkein, Old Earth _Dragons are good neighbors to humanity._ -Ho Se Yankee, Head Dragon Referee, Fourth Millennium Games. It was clear, after the first two Millennium Games, that the ever-enigmatic Dragons created the Games to promote good will and reunite humanity after the destruction of Earth and the Grand Diaspora. They have consistently shown their honor and fairness in the judgment in the games, and have never failed to grant the Boon to the winner. World moving, technology, a fair judicial system, these have all been boons grated by the Dragons. Before all of this, however, was the first game, where they showed themselves to be powerful, high handed, and apparently arbitrary. Consider that, for the first Game, that all of the participants, from Jose' Falcon the brightly plumed player of Phoenix to Simple Simon the reality challenged player of Mercuric, were kidnapped by the Dragons. Then, as now, because of the vulgarities of space travel, this kidnapping meant that the vast majority of the players would never see their loved ones again. Few players were, understandably, happy about the abduction. As Johnny Dare of Gold Coast, a participant in those first Game, said soon before his tragic death: "Look, I don't care if you think they [the Dragons] are aliens, time travelers, or both: they look like us, they bleed like us, and they shanghaied us. That makes them nothing but damn space pirates. We can take them." Unless you count the nearly uniform feeling that "something needs to be done about the Dragons", the majority of the participants came to that first Game without an agenda. In every game since each representative has come with a shopping list: trade agreements, mutual protection pacts, cultural exchanges, technology transfers, colonization arrangements, etc. At every Game, the fate of the player's world for the next millennium is driven by the arrangements made at the Games. None but the Dragons knew that at the start of the first Game. -Robert Civil Dowager from the Introduction to _The Coming of the Dragons, the First Game, and the End of the Grand Diaspora_

Played at

Intercon D (2004)

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