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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12-23 players, Male characters: 6-12, Female characters: 6-11


✏️Anandi Gandalfi
✏️Margaret E. Landreth


The descent into madness is a story that the patients of Ward C can tell, but be forewarned that the language of the insane is often hard to sort through. Not to worry- as the inmates of Ward C will tell you, reality is an arguable concept, and fact and fiction are more interwoven than you might think.

Asylum is a character focused, internal plotline one shot larp that is written to by psychologically immersive and role playing intensive. Taking place deep within the Remsfords Mental Health Facility Ward C, players will have the opportunity to play both afflicted and sane characters as well as a variety of personality types.

Played at

Intercon D (2004)
Intercon E (2005)

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