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Miskatonic Class Reunion

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 16-24 players, Male characters: 10-15, Female characters: 6-9

Organized by

Foam Brain Productions


✏️Mike Young


Join your host Maxwell Hocforth III for Miskatonic's first class reunion. A game of Lovecraftian horror, and what could be more horrifying than a class reunion?

Miskatonic University never holds reunions. Ever. In its entire history, it hasn't held a single one - so why now? Why has an alumni of the class of 1979 decided to take it upon themselves to organize a 10 year reunion? Why the staff members - what would H.P. Lovecraft and Emil Tillinghast be doing there? And why does so much student security seem to be skulking around? Didn't the newspaper mention an escaped mental patient, on top of that oncoming hurricane? And what is up with the odd punch, anyway? Are these all coincidences, or is there more - after all, Miskatonic is unlike any other university in the world...

Played at

Intercon A (2001)

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