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The Man In Black

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 23-36 players, Intercon M: 40 participants


✏️AJ Smith
✏️Brian Williams

Amazing Consequences (2007), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerGraham Arnold
OrganizerAJ Smith
OrganizerBrian Williams


Most people come to Jericho-4 to get away from the long reach of the United Federation of God. They form an odd collection of dissidents, free-thinkers and criminals, all united in a desire for a quiet life...

Then someone hired the galaxy's most infamous assassin, The Man in Black, to carry out a hit on Jericho-4. No-one knows who the target is, but The Man in Black has attracted a large following: The Man in Black Groupies, dedicated watchers of the great man's hits, Secret Agents of all forms and persuasions, Law Enforcement Officers and all the sorts of people you don't want in a place like Jericho...

Now they're all together in the bar, The Man in Black, named after the great man himself, and word has it the hit is going to be tonight. Will you be a Local, just hoping for a quiet life, or an outsider, come to help or hinder The Man in Black, or perhaps someone else entirely, who's just happened to choose exactly the wrong time to visit Jericho-4...

More details are on the game website.

Played at

Intercon A (2001)
Amazing Consequences (2007)
Intercon M (2013)


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