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Appalachian Wedding

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 18-30 players


✏️Ben Llewellyn


Blood Mountain, West Virginia, 1932. The Wilkeses and the Booths are celebrating(?) the marriage of Hattie and Mac. Maybe the wedding will even happen! Come join the happy couple in this special day of love.

This must be a big day. Even State Senator Bubby Crowe is here to mark the occasion. Heck, even Mickey Wilkes, the war hero who stayed in Paris and became a poet is here, and he was here just a few months ago, for his little sister's funeral. Today would be the perfect day, if only Preacher Wylie had survived that ambush...

PLEASE NOTE: Love will be simulated by patty-cake.

Played at

Intercon A (2001)

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