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The Austen Experience – A Winter's Ball

RPG system: LARP

Organized by

Atropos Studios


OrganizerPetra Lindve
OrganizerCarl Nordblom
OrganizerSiri Sandquist
OrganizerSimon Svensson


Have you ever wished you lived in a different time when things were simpler? Have you ever wanted to be romanced by Mr. Darcy? Have you ever wanted to elope with a handsome, but penniless officer? The Austen Experience is here to make your dreams come true.

Come and live out your very own Austen fantasy in a country estate, with dancing, hearty walks and card-games. Be romanced by your very own Austen hero, supplied by the latest Company technology.

The Austen Experience – A Winter’s Ball provides you with your fairytale ending in a Christmas setting, ending with the dance of your dreams.

Or, have you ever wished to be a custom made robot or Android? Trained to please a never-ending line of guests, providing them whatever they please – a romantic walk, a scandalous proposal or the answer to their far more reckless or destructive.

“The Austen Experience – A Winter’s Ball” is a larp by Atropos studios, that is inspired by the works of Jane Austen (and the movie Austenland and the series Lost in Austen) as well as the tv-show Westworld. It is set in the Android universe and takes place at a Company-owned Austen theme park with AI units and Androids.


9. - 12. December 2021, Rockelstad slott outside Flen, Sweden
12. - 15. December 2021, Rockelstad slott outside Flen, Sweden


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