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Hell on Wheels

RPG system: LARP

Organized by

Potkani, Odyssé


OrganizerJana Isabella Růžičková (administrative work, communication with players)
OrganizerTereza Staňková (character design, administrative tasks, communication with players)
OrganizerOndřej Staněk (character design, technical support)
OrganizerKristýna Chvojková (English translation)
OrganizerIva Vávrová (English translation)
OrganizerDagmar Wiesnerova (English translation)
OrganizerFilip Appl (head manager, story design, characters, game-design, PR)
OrganizerVeronika Dostálová (logistics, costumes, catering)
OrganizerJaroslav Dostál (logistics, costumes, props, catering)
OrganizerTomáš Jakoubek (NPC boss, technical support)
OrganizerJan Teplý (overall graphics (t-shirts, badges, documents), website design and management)
OrganizerBjarke Pedersen (Promotion, international run)
OrganizerKasper Sjøgren (Promotion, international run)
OrganizerJan Zeman (prop manager, historical facts, technical support, story design)
OrganizerTomáš Dulka (story design, characters, game design)


2013, Stonetown near Humpolec, Czechia: Autumn
2014, Stonetown near Humpolec, Czechia
2014, Stonetown near Humpolec, Czechia
7. - 10. May 2015, Stonetown near Humpolec, Czechia: International run

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