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Escape the Organ Rail

RPG system: Frontier Scum (A MÖRK BORG Hack)
Participants: 1 GM, 4 players


✏️Karl Druid
OrganizerKarl Druid


Y’all are chained up onboard the Organ Rail, a prison train clad in black iron ‘n’ spewing blood-red smoke as it rattles across the tracks of the endless desert. Legends say the belly-vault contains the confiscated loot of a thousand robberies gone wrong. Now, that’s a lot o’ silver, but y’all’ve got more pressing matters: next stop is New Schleswig, where they’ve got nooses embroidered with your names on ‘em.
If y’all wanna survive, break out fast and with enough supplies to get across the sweltering sands to Onda Oas; no straight-shootin’ lawfolk would set foot in that veritable rat’s nest of thieves and outlaws. Yup, that there’s your only chance, pardners. Then again, it couldn’t hurt to have a look-see in that vault while y’all are here... could it?

Played at

KryptCon V (2021)
KryptCon VI (2022)

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