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Kellys Hjältar (GothCon 2004)

Participants: 45-50 players


OrganizerJacob Bornecrantz
OrganizerBirger Hanning


Sergeant Bellany: Hey!
Oddball: Wof Wof! Wof Wof!
Serqeant Bellany:Don't try to be funny, Oddball! What do you want?
Oddball: l'm telephoning you from a cafe about 10 miles south of Mesurier. And l wondered if you could do me a favour?
Sergeant Bellany: Mesurier? I got a map here someplace that says we haven't even captured that place already!
Oddball: Yeah,so I heard. But everybody seems very friendly. Look baby, l'm kind of hung up. I need about 60 feet of bridge.
Sergeant Bellany: How the hell am I supposed to get 60 feet of bridge 10 miles behind the German lines?
Oddball: Hey man, l'm about to put you onto something very good and you are giving me your problems. This sector is so screwed up, nobody knows where the German lines are, where our lines are! I got through with no problem at all! Now l've got a bank back here with 16 million and it's just waiting to be picked up. You in?
Sergeant Bellany: Hey listen kid, they haven't got you back in the nut ward again, have they?
Oddball: Hey Bellany! For crying out loud! That is the lousiest, stinking, most awful, stupid joke! And you're always pulling that stinking, awful, stupid joke! You don't want in this thing, you don't get in this thing! I cut you out of everything! I don't need you. 60 feet of bridge, I can pick up almost anywhere! Schmuck!

Played at

GothCon XXVIII (2004)

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