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Dance of Destruction

RPG system: Blackbox Larp
Participants: 5-15 players


✏️Nina Runa Essendrop


You are the visionaries, artists and prophets searching for inspiration, clarity and truth by dancing the Dance of Destruction. When you dance, you must surrender completely and destroy the everyday parts of your existence. Only when the dance is over, can you settle down and try to rebuild your individual lives.
Through your constant search and creation, you bring richness to the world, but in your lack of continuity, you also risk losing something essential. You can always choose to protect what you build by refusing the next dance, but the Dance of Destruction is seductive and once the first step is taken, there is no turning back.

Dance of Destruction is a physical, abstract and non-verbal larp. It will shift between periods of constant movement and quiet rebuilding. It is a larp that explores the conflict between uncompromisingly following a higher calling and finding meaning in the everyday familiarity that is created over time.

Played at

Blackbox Cph (2021)

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