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The Oasis

(AKA: Oasen)

RPG system: LARP


✏️Erlend Eidsem Hansen
✏️Jessica-Marie Gidlund
✏️Solveig Rydland


A larp inspired by “1001 nights”. We are in a tent, in an oasis in the desert, where travelers rest by drinking tea and smoking shisha, watching belly dance and haggling over camels.

We’re in the middle of an Arabic desert. Not in a realistic medieval Arabic setting, but in the mythic Arabia, the way it is pictured in “1001 nights”. An Arabia where djinns are hiding in the desert or in old lamps, ready to give three, and only three, wishes to the one who summons it.

Welcome to Hakim’s caravanserai, an oasis in the desert.

The genre is Arabic fantasy. The focus is on the atmosphere rather than the outcome.

Played at

Larpweekend 8 (2011)
Grenselandet (2012)

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