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Mikodine XA

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 5-17 players


✏️Lauri Lukka

Grenselandet (2013), Grendehuset in Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway

OrganizerLauri Lukka

GothCon XLVI (2023), Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet, Göteborg, Sweden

OrganizerEmi Maeda


Set in the modern-day office of Reyes & Shaw pharmaceutical company located at the heart of London, Mikodine XA is a game about the conflict between conscience and selfishness; supression vs. expression of emotions.

“Eat your weight away With Mikodine XA!”

Reyes & Shaw has brought you effective and innovative, but most importantly safe, medicine since 1926. Now it brings you a clinically tested, scientifically effective product to help you achieve your weight goals. Mikodine XA reduces the amount of energy absorbed from food to our system enabling only the important nutrients to be digested. With Mikodine XA there is no need to starve yourself thin. Just one, easy and safe pill a day and you are on your way to the figure of your dreams. And for those concerned about gaining weight in the future, there is also good news – Mikodine XA can also be taken preventatively!

Winner of the larpwriter challenge for Knutepunkt 2013. The jury stated: This larp has it all - morals, politics, boardroom drama, voices in your head, ethical conondrums, slapping and clapping. The concept is polished, the presentation clear and detailed. The kinds of questions that occupy ethical philosophers and critics or employees of big pharma - but pretty much nobody else - are turned into drama and entertainment and then back into questions. “Mikodine XA” is for larp what “The West Wing” was for television.

Played at

Grenselandet (2013)
GothCon XLVI (2023)

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