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Carsten Andreasen Fangel


✏️ Anstalten  
Organizer [E-Project]  
Organizer Brakowitz  
Organizer Brakowitz  
Organizer Chicago 1923 (Orc & Unicorn Gameclub versionen)  
Organizer Den Ny Alder  
Organizer Det glemte guld  
Organizer Døden og Retfærdigheden  
Organizer Eiks rige  
Organizer En Saga fra Evigheden III - Buranias Arv  
💾 Organizer En saga fra evigheden IV - den sidste profeti  
Organizer En stille nat i huset  
Organizer En stille nat i mosen  
Organizer Invasion!Jonstrup  
Organizer Jonstrup Badeland  
Organizer Jul i Jonstrup  
Organizer Julefrokosten  
Organizer Klosteret  
Organizer Konfirmation  
Organizer Margester Borgen  
Organizer SoundCity  
Organizer The Endorphimore Document  
Organizer The Endorphimore Document II  
Organizer The Young & The Rich  
Organizer Vampyr  
✏️ Okkult Forum '95 X-CON (1995)
✏️ Chicago 1924 Pentacon (1996)
✏️ Live Mystificme, Pyramidernes forbandelse Mystifisticon II (1998)
✏️ Af alle verdner Hyggecon (2001)
✏️ Jonstrup Festival El Hyggecon - Revolution! (2006)

Organizer roles:

Forum 2 (2002) Arrangør
Knudepunkt (2003) Arrangør

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