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ARCON 36: Cyberpunk (2020)

Location: Hartvig Nissen Videregående skole, Oslo, Norway
Date: 19. - 21. June 2020

Part of: ARCON

The program is available online but we haven't typed in the list of games yet. We could use your help - if you want to help us by transcribing information from the program into the database please contact us.


Alpha Complex Cyberperil Øivind Johannessen Paranoia 2nd ed.
DDEP09-01 Infernal Pursuits Martine Lassen D&D 5th Edition D&D AL Tier 1 EPIC
Death House Martine Lassen D&D
Djeveløya Bjørn Ove Asprem Mutant: Year Zero
Dragen er død!!! Tomas HV Mørkrid
Escape from Elturel Martine Lassen D&D
Hungry Shadows Martine Lassen D&D
Intro for nybegynnere Martine Lassen
Pharmacist: Wanted Martine Lassen D&D
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Martine Lassen
Stopped at the Gate Martine Lassen D&D
The Ghost Martine Lassen D&D
The Iron Titan Martine Lassen D&D
The Night Land Martine Lassen D&D AL-EB: The Night Land
Vertex Crimson Niels E. Wisth Cyberpunk 2020 RED
Voice in the Machine Martine Lassen D&D
Where the Dead Wait Martine Lassen D&D AL-EB


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