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ConDensed (2021)

Location: Billing Aquadrome, Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton, United Kingdom
Date: 12. - 15. November 2021

Part of: Other

About the convention:

Condensed is a weekend of gaming taking place at Billing Aquadrome near Northampton. As well as the games listed on Warhorn there will be a varity of additional roleplaying games offered at the event and we have a selection of boardgames you are welcome to use. Previous experience suggests that Warhorn is used for the majority of organised play campaigns whereas most of the indie games prefer to do their sign ups at the event. It is entirely up to GM how their sign ups are managed, we're just here to help wherever needed.

Please note - we are required to provide name and address details for everyone who will be on site as part of this event. Site security will not allow unregistered people to enter. Before attending please contact condensed.uk@gmail.com to register. Registration is £5 per person or free to GMs and volunteers. We also offer free registration to carers and accompanied children. 

Game tickets are £3 each and can be purchased at the event.

On site accommodation is available from Friday afternoon until Monday morning and can be booked through the condensed.uk@gmail.com email address once you are registered. We have booked the entire site so please do not contact Billing Aquadrome directly as they will not be able to take bookings.

Condensed is organised by Wyrd Sisters Games CIC. 100% of the income from ticket sales at the event will be donated to charity.

We haven't had access to a program for this convention. The list is simply based on external references, memory, rumours and so on and the list might not be completed.
If you have a correction or are in access of a program then please send us an update.


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