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Ropecon (2018)

Ort: Expo and Convention Centre Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finnland 🗺️
Datum: 26. - 28. Juli 2018

Teil von: Ropecon

Über den Kongress:

By gamers, for gamers since 1994

Ropecon is the largest non-commercial role-playing convention in Europe. The three day event offers a diverse program schedule suitable for all ages from tabletop and live-action role-playing games to card games, miniature war games and board games. In addition to tournaments and other gaming related programs Ropecon also features lectures, panel discussions and workshops on a wide variety of topics. Two major awards, The Golden Dragon and The Deed of the Year, are presented annually at Ropecon for achievements and contributions to the Finnish role-playing game culture.

However, there is something even more essential to Ropecon than its diverse program: its atmosphere. Ropecon brings together both the enthusiasts as well as the professionals from the field of role-playing games, and many visitors come to the convention specifically to meet old friends and get to know new people. The more experienced visitors know that if you want to find great people to play with, Ropecon is the place to be.

Ropecon is organized entirely by volunteers. Around 800 volunteers participate in the making of Ropecon each year. The convention weekend packed with diverse program is all planned and carried out “by gamers, for gamers”. The organization behind the convention is Ropecon ry, a non-profit which aims to promote and develop the role-playing culture and the card game, miniature war game, and board game hobbies in Finland.

The theme for year 2018 is life and community. The theme will be present both in the program of the event as a wide variety of interesting topics.


"The Gift" (Or of the social faux pas between Elves and Dwarves) Jason Lee Burning Wheel
A Company of Heroes Vilhelm Lindholm D&D 5th Edition
A prison for eternity Vehka Hakonen Ikuisuusvankila
Adventure Reko Jääskelainen D&D
Adventure in Astraterra Astraterra
Agents of Mars Mari Vauhkonen Marsin agentit
All children of God Shiroten Storytell
Another breakfast Made by myself
Arthur Butnott's 60th birthday Mika-Petri Lauronen Yes, Sir! - a storytelling game
Ashes of Discovery Jori-Minna Hiltula Starfinder
Assault on Absalom Nostrix
Jori-Minna Hiltula
Mikko Kallio
[…]Atte Kiljunen
Kai Kinnunen
Toni Miinalainen
Mikko Sillanpää
Pathfinder Society
At the Crossroads Tero Mäntylä Jovian Chronicles
Back to evil echo! Jimi Hyrkäs D&D 5th Edition
Battletech Lauri Lukka
Mitro Makkonen
Antti Oksanen
Beyond the border. Beyond the border. Eliel Arkki Virasto (1942 edition)
Beyond the Halflight Path Pathfinder Society
Birthright Betrayed Pathfinder
Blood opera of wizards Tommy Brander Burning wheel
Border information Shiroten D&D
Bubbly Curse Tanja Lehto Tails of Equestria
Cabin trip Brother Hemming Dread
Call of the Copper Gate Kai Kinnunen Pathfinder Society
Castle of the Space Wizard Tommy Brander OSR
Chaos in the KUO sector Vesa Roto Paranoia (2016)
Chaos in the TAT sector Vesa Roto Paranoia (2016)
Charlie doesn't surf Eero Laine Charlie doesn't surf
Cheater's wages Kult: Divinity Lost
Children of the Far Land Antti Oksanen GURPS
Chronicles of Eldara : Black Crusade AranSIRE D&D 5th Edition
Climb the mountain Jaakko Ylikippari Wizard of the Mountain
Con Season Teemu Helasharju Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition
Court of last resort Denis Muravlyansky LARP
Crazy Machine City Tuukka Tenhunen ARIUS: the Ashen Age
Curse of the Mummy Jani Hiltunen D&D 5th Edition Scamatania
D&D Heirs of Henderson Antti Oksanen D&D 5th Edition
Death of a thousand cuts Juhana Pettersson
Massi Hannula Thorhauge
Devil Legion remnants Tommy Brander OSR
Down the Verdant Path Tomi Saarinen Pathfinder
Dreaming of the Future Mari Saarhelo Starfinder
EPILOGUE: "THE ANNOUNCEMENT" Eeli Saarinen Own, simplified mechanics
Escape from Lauttasaaresta. GURPS
Extraction Marika Jokinen Shadowrun 4th Edition
Fall 1156 chilling adventure on the frontier Olli Majaluoma Mouse Guard
Fallen Family:Broken Name Titti Salo Pathfinder
Fiasco at the office Aki Järvi-Eskola Fiasco
Fiasco on the tour bus Aki Järvi-Eskola Fiasco
Footprints in Ash Rob Edwards Spycraft 2nd Edition
Fugitive on the Red Planet Veini Lehkonen Starfinder
Full Moon Robbery Brother Hemming
Veli Hemming
Blades in the Dark
Ghosts of Venice Arto Koistinen Homebrew / Rules Light
Glorantha - Seafaring Game Topi Pitkänen Glorantha Tarot
Gods Shiroten Gods
Grim Noir - Roleplaying Game Julius Kuutti
Antti Lax
Friform Grim Noir
Grotto of the Deluged God Pathfinder
Götterdämmerung Vili Nissinen LARP
Half an hour as a space marmot Kim Hokkanen
Tommi Yli-Ollila
Halls of Madeleine Jukka Hiltunen Homebrew light system
Hellfire Petteri Väisänen Reuna (unofficial)
Heroes of Oren Juho Korolainen HeroQuest Glorantha
Heroes of the harvest Joonas Hämeenniemi D&D 5th Edition
Hi, I'm Pasi Brother Hemming Everyone is John
Honey Heist Grant Howitt
Mari Vauhkonen
Honey Heist
Howling in the Mists Ola Repo d20 Homebrew, not leaning on any existing system
I honor the roads and the paths of death Knights of the Round Table
💾 IKEA Nis Haller Baggesen
Massi Hannula Thorhauge
Systemløst Semi-live/Blackbox
In Grandmaster's Name Agape Pathfinder
In the Death Circle Juri Kingelin Dark Heresy 2nd Edition
In the shadows of Saerloon Teppo Kauppinen D&D 5th Edition
Ingress in action - when reality is not enough Ari-Martti Hopiavuori
Marianne Loijas
Hanna Varhamaa
Intergalaktinen Turpakäräjä Pelautus Aki Honkanen Intergalaktinen Turpakäräjä
INTERVIEW: "REVIEW" Eeli Saarinen Own, simplified mechanics
Isku kellopeli kaupunkiin Jimi Hyrkäs D&D 5th Edition
Isoeno from Australia Matti Järvinen Svenska kulter (however in Finnish)
It's A Dog's Life Mika-Petri Lauronen
Simon Washbourne
It's A Dog's Life
It's twelve o'clock Satu Aronen LARP
King's Festival II Teemu Heinonen D&D 5th Edition
Knives in the night of Doskvol Aleksi Nikula Blades in the Dark
Koi no Ai K18 - Necromancer - sama ga miteru Antti Oksanen Nechronica
Land of a thousand zombies Aleksi Nikula Red Markets
Lasers & Feelings Patrik Renholm Lasers & Feelings
Life and death in Dorastor Matti Järvinen HeroQuest
Life, that grand Fiasco Timo Nietula Fiasco
Live Exploration Extreme! Agape Starfinder Society
Lost and Forgotten Miku Pesola Edge of the Empire
Lost in Nochet Matti Järvinen HeroQuest
Loveboat: the 40K Edition Juri Kingelin Dark Heresy Second Edition
Meat machine Tuukka Tenhunen
Monolith Burger 3001 GURPS
Mother of Monsters - The threat of the mother monster HeroQuest Glorantha
My Little Awakening Viljami Lappalainen Mage: The Awakening Chronicles of Darkness
Nerf Hammer Ville Hankipohja Nerf Hammer
Night City Tournament Cyberpunk 2020
On a crash course Sami Koponen Astraterra
💾 Once Upon a Time, We Were Celebrities Di Ostrat Blackbox LARP
Operation Three Crowns Darth Mauno TORG Eternity
Path of heroes: Sapelijoki Wille Ruotsalainen D&D
Pispala red powder 1942 Maija Korhonen
Ville Uusivuori
Pitchwood ambush Vehka Hakonen Mouse Guard
Play Scenario Contest scenarios! Eero Laine
Pole Star Petri Leinonen Powered by the Apocalypse +H
Pony party Tanja Lehto Tails of Equestria
Potato Republic Shiroten Own
Pro Junta!
PROLOGUE: "STAGE" Eeli Saarinen Own, simplified mechanics
Protection of THE DEATH MANDROID Vesa Roto Paranoia (2016)
Quasar horizon Vehka Hakonen Coriolis - The Third Horizon
Querrilla Durulz Risto Welling RuneQuest Glorantha
Resistance always starts with something Jani Karhapää Virasto 2084
Romeo and Juliet Eliel Arkki Virasto 2084
Roudan maa: Fimbulvinter Wille Ruotsalainen HeroQuest Roudan maa
Royal Adviser's release party! Samuli Raninen Friform Royal Adviser
S.A.I.N.T.S.: Cops of San Francisco Jukka Hiltunen Homebrew
Saloon Rivolli LARP
Scamatania Fronaliv Jani Hiltunen D&D 5th Edition Scamatania
Scourge of the Farheavens Pathfinder Society
Shadows in the village of Routapuro Juho Fröjd D&D 5th Edition
Ship ahoy! - A trip to get to know the world of Fate Core Matleena Myntti FATE Fate Core
Signs in Senghor Lauri Raitamaa Pathfinder Society
Skeleton guardians of the burial chamber Aki Järvi-Eskola The Skeletons
Sleepwalkers Vehka Hakonen Tales from the Loop
Some boars Lauri Lukka
Mitro Makkonen
Antti Oksanen
Sotakarjut (War beasts)
Spring 1156 mystery nut in the field Aleksi Asumalahti Mouse Guard
Star Strike! Patrik Renholm Strike!
Star Trek - Away Team Jussi Kenkkilä Away Team (homebrew)
Star Trek -parodia Lasers & Feelings
Summer 1154 Flood at Shaleburrow Olli Majaluoma Mouse Guard
Summer vacation in -84 Kristin Devine
Tim Devine
Jani Karhapää
Lasers & Feelings hack: Truth & Daring
System Shock: Space Station Citadel Lightened Heavy Gear (six-sided dice)
Task Anduin Marika Jokinen MERP
Terminal phase Jere Kalliomäki Eclipse Phase d100
The Bloodcove Blockade Feuran Pathfinder Society
The brightest bonfire Aki Järvi-Eskola Dread
The Broken Hearts Casefile Pontus Andersson Shadowrun 5th Edition
The Commencement Annika Kiiskilä Starfinder
The Council Homebrew
The Curse of the God Learners Top Pitkänen Phoenix: Dawn Command
The Damaxuri Deception Teemu Helasharju Planet Mercenary
The Dance In The Blood Mika-Petri Lauronen Trail of Cthulhu
The end of the end and the beginning of the beginning Shiroten D&D
The Flying Fortress Fellowship
The Half-Alive Streets Tomi Saarinen Starfinder
The harvest of death Teemu Heinonen D&D 5th Edition
The journey of the light-bringers HeroQuest Glorantha
The Mushroom Wizard Ilona Lamminen Astraterra
💾 The Naked Truth Arttu Hanska
Eeva Järvi
Joonas Katko
The new king's clothes Shiroten D&D
The Red Prisoner's Song Minna Heimola LARP
The Riddle of the Lost Robot Sami Koponen Astraterra
The Rise of the Bolward LARP
The Secret of Sumuvuori Shardey No rule system, storytelling focus
The shadow of disease Knob Soanjärvi story-based, light self-edited system
The Shores of Heaven Annika Kiiskilä Pathfinder
The Solar Sortie Naal Starfinder Society
The Unseen Inclusion Tytti Salo Pathfinder
💾 Tiger cage J. Tuomas Harviainen LARP
Totally improvised roleplay using Mythic GM Emulator Juho Rutila Mythic GM Emulator and Freeform Universal
Traitors in the SW sector Vesa Roto Paranoia (2016)
Vetehisten Virsi Samuli Suominen Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse Edition
Wack-o Muotinen P'n'P, cards and dice. Mostly storytelling
Wanted: Dead or Undead Tero Mäntylä Cypher system
We Almost Were Heroes Jasmin Lade
Di Ostrat
Weird West Deadlands Reloaded
Welcome to Tombstone Pontus Andersson D&D 5th Edition
Wet work Marika Jokinen Shadowrun 4th Edition
When Giants Fall Jere Kalliomäki Eclipse Phase
When the Martian Dunes Whisper Your Name Pontus Andersson The Void
When the past catches up Kult: Divinity Lost
Where Everything Dies Jere Kalliomäki Shadowrun d6
Witnesses of War Sami Koponen Gray Ranks


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