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Forside til Mother

Genre: Sci-Fi
Deltagere: 2-4 spillere


DesignerHåkan Almer


She’s your mother, a planet-sized organism floating in space. Around her your father orbits as a small moon. The father moon is a place of bone forests, endorphin geysers, a great blood river and fields of eyes. This is where Mother’s eggs hatch and your life as a hatchling starts – and where a deadly competition takes place between you and your ruthless siblings.

Show Mother your dominance over your siblings to ensure your survival.

· Grow stronger and gain new abilities.
· Harvest resources to use, hoard or trade back to father for precious milk.
· Gain rewards by collecting and feeding Mother her favourite snack, the eyes of the father moon.

Present all your resources to Mother at the end of the game (or after the first year as a hatchling) to see whom she will grant the most love. In the end, only the best loved hatchling will be allowed to grow up – all the others will be devoured by Mother.


Varighed inkl. regler: 1,5-2 timer

Spillere: 2-4

Sprog: English – dog kun lidt tekst. Al tekst er offentlig og kan oversættes undervejs.

Kompleksitet: 3/5

Held eller Skill på en skala mellem Held (1) eller Skill-baseret (5): 3/5

Genre: sci-fi-body horror, strategy

Mekanikker: resource management, economic, card drafting

Om designeren: Living across the bridge in Malmö, Håkan spends his nights designing board games. To pay for cubes, glue and paper, he works as a level designer at IO Interactive in Copenhagen.

Spillet på

Fastaval (2016)


Fastaval (2016)

Vinder, Bedste Brætspil [+]
Nomineret, Bedste Innovation [+]


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