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Run Them Again

Forside til Run Them Again

Genre: Gyser, Sci-Fi
Deltagere: 1 GM, 5 spillere


✏️Brand Robins
✏️Moyra Turkington


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (1,4 MB)


This game is about the cold equations of systems that do not care: the unyielding physics of deep space, the tenuous connections with other people, and the utilitarian calculus of sacrifice and profit. You are long haul space miners: the driver, the veteran, the rookie, the specialist, and the suit. You excavate and tow the raw building blocks of civilizations between the solar systems. It’s a hard job and a shit wage. Your best hope is that you pay off your contract, feed your kids, or set yourself up just well enough so you can get out before the job kills you.

Now something has gone terribly wrong.

You ran the numbers when you came out of hypersleep. You have a 19.5% chance of survival. To get even that much you must be back in your can in less than three hours and thirtyone minutes. There are things you can do increase the odds, but they offer no guarantees. In fact, attempting them may kill you faster.

At the ragged edge of endurance, if your hand shakes on the torch? You may end yourself and your crew, here and now. In the hard vacuum of space, when you don’t return to the hatch in time? The sun may burn you to nothing in a nanosecond. But, if everything goes right you can increase the odds that you’ll ever see home again - to even: the flip of a coin.

Can you save yourselves? Do you deserve to be saved? Does it matter?

You ran the numbers, make your choices and run them again.

Spillet på

Fastaval (2014)


Fastaval (2014)

Vinder, Juryens Specialpris [+]
Nomineret, Bedste Fortælling [+]

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