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Dancing with Myself

System: LARP
Deltagere: 8-20 spillere


✏️Evelina Karlsson

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2022), Jensen Grundskola Långholmen, Stockholm, Sverige

ArrangørEvelina Karlsson


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (0,4 MB)


On an ordinary day an ordinary person walks by a party and they feel welcome, called even, to join. They don’t know what this party is, and they don’t know anyone else there. That is, until they see someone they have never met, but know better than they know anyone else.

Dancing with myself is a grounded and surrealistic scenario where introspection and conversation become the same thing. In pairs, the players will create their own character with dilemmas and hardships, and in doing so choose the themes of their game.

Through dance, mirroring, and most of all conversation, the players will explore this character and their relationship to themself. At the same time, they will be part of a crowd of people around their co players.

The game centers around co-creation, being in tune with another person and dancing like no one is watching.

Conversation – Identity – Party

Spillet på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2022)

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