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The Last Song

System: LARP
Deltagare: 125 spelare

Arrangerat av

Avalon Larp Studio


ArrangörMartin Rydberg Hedén (Arbiter of Sustenance)
ArrangörHalfdan Keller Justesen (Creative Lead)
ArrangörKarijn van der Heij (Creator, Arbiter of Characters)
ArrangörLaura Sirola (Evil Overlord, Arbiter of Production)
ArrangörKjell Hedgard Hugaas (Guardian, Arbiter of Safety)
ArrangörClaus Gajhede (Jarl, Arbiter of Location & Logistics)
ArrangörOle Risgaard Hansen (Jotun, Arbiter of Crew)
ArrangörMartine Svanevik (Norn, Arbiter of Fate)
ArrangörKol Ford (Norn, Arbiter of Here and Now)
ArrangörSagalinn Leo Tangen (Norn, Arbiter of Yore)


The Last Song is a larp (live action role-play) set in a fictional setting inspired by the late 10th century Viking Age history. The larp seeks to balance the authenticity of a historical setting and a high level of player agency to create an immersive experience.

The event’s hundred and twenty five participants will portray Viking Age characters of the northern clans joining together at a grand þing (Thing), to decide what they should do about their king’s questionable actions. Gatherings of this size bring celebration, challenges, and spark conflict. Throughout the larp the characters will be swept up by clan politics, whilst needing to ensure their family honour is upheld. Some will fall in and out of love. They will test each other in trials of strength and wit, tell tales and sagas, unravel secrets and lies, and perform rituals and offerings to the Norse deities or to the new God. The central themes of the larps are the faith and culture of the Norse in the Viking Age, the feuds and conflicts between and within the Norse clans, and the end of that world manifested in the cultural crisis between the old ways of the Æsir and the new ways of Christianity.

The year is 979. For five years the King has tightened his grip on the Danes in an effort to convert the last Asatru. At the time of the midsummer blot the clans are gathered for a Grand Thing, but the King's loyalists - Norse followers of the White Christ - show up in force…

Speltillfällen 🗺️

13. - 17. maj 2020🗺️Yxengaard, Hirtshals, Danmark [inställd]
26. - 30. maj 2021🗺️Yxengaard, Hirtshals, Danmark: Ny dato
25. - 29. maj 2022🗺️Yxengaard, Hirtshals, Danmark
27. - 30. juni 2024Danmark: English run


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