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System: Setting: Ars Magica
Deltagare: 1 SL, 4-6 spelare


ArrangörNathan Hook


Written by Atlas Games, organized by Nathan Hook
A six hour tabletop RPG for 4-6 players.
Setting: Ars Magica is a very old RPG, first published in 1986. Both vampire: the masquerade and mage: the ascension were originally intended to be supplements for a modern day version of it. It is set in Mythic Europe, a version of the real middle ages Europe where the myths and legends are true. Kings rule by divine right, dragons slumber in caves, faeries dance in forbidden rings and sour the milk, demons make mischief and tempt the sinful and wizards work the art of Magic.
The players take the role of these Magi, the wizards of legend, following their own personal aims. It's a game of politics, intrigue, legal disputes, investigation, and conflict between scholars where knowledge is power. There is no game balance — wizards are the most powerful character class, and the magical system is both in keeping with middle ages logic and extremely flexible.
This mini-saga tells the tale of a group of young magi, exploring the strange world outside their home towers for the first time, and dealing with problems at home when they get back. It concludes with an Introduction to wizard politics, with a freeform wizard's council of dealing and negotiation as people are called to account for their actions.
Characters are pre-generated for this scenario. It is open to players new to Ars Magica as well as those familiar with the setting. A single d10 is used to resolve most dice rolls.

Spelat på

LinCon (2007)


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